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What’s your plan? (10/23/2019)

Things weren’t at all peaceful and quite in Arbuckle last week. Pierce Homecoming seemed to be in everyone’s plans. The parade impressed me. It seemed longer to me than past spectacles. My interest lately have been on the girls and their peers of the marching band.

I remember pushing crepe paper into chicken wire helping my classmates build floats in our high school years. I was excited with the Johnson Junior High entry and can’t remember ever seeing one before this year. I am glad that they were invited and attended the pep rally Friday afternoon. I would like to see JJH get back to doing rallies; it’s a quick and simple way to build school spirit.

Another simple thing impressed me about the parade: the folks of Our-buckle (this will always be a given and I have purloined the term of endearment). Yes, our young people put on a show, but I was pleasantly surprised at those of maturity coming out. The route was lined with spectators as far as my eyes beheld in both directions.

Thank you for reading the column! I get a little overwhelmed when anyone tells me that they do and enjoy it to boot. I am now maybe on the other hand of the number of readers I have, if I haven’t lost one along the way. I am humbled with our chat, thank you!

I try for the most part to stay clear of self-aggrandizing. That being said, please shout “Wow” to My Bride when you cross paths. It was on this date in 1999 that she walked down the aisle and forever changed my life. I am much the better for it. I still remember the look on her face as she was walking up. I would rather say that it was radiance, but it was more likely something of bewilderment. The guy standing in the groom’s position was not one that she was familiar with up to that time. I clean up fairly well; she had never beheld me clean shaven. She’ll tell you it was the entry fiasco though. Despite our best planning, we left her holding the doors. I remember her conceding that when it was time to enter there was no one left to open the doors. She made a spectacular entrance far from being wedged between the doors.

I am in debt to her. To me, she has more than earned the title of saint in Latter-day Saints just for having to put up with me. I look around and see the hand of GOD in this and all things. HIS Tender Mercies have become too personal and sacred to even be able to express. Heavenly Father intends happiness and blessings for all his children participating in this earthly existence. We live well below what He desires to give us. Spiritual blessings, or treasures, can only be received by a grateful heart. My wife is said treasure! ■

— Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email

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