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Life, as I see it : Blessed Comforters

Not too long ago, I went to church on a chilly Sunday morning.

To my delight, when I entered the First Lutheran sanctuary, I realized it was “Quilt Sunday.”

The pews were draped with an array of colorful handmade quilts.

Throughout the year, the quilting ladies of the church meet once a week to work on these beautiful coverings. And, once a year, the congregation has the pleasure and the comfort of the quilts at church service.

The group sends comforting quilts to missions, but they also keep back a few for local needs.

If they know of a person who would benefit from one of the quilts, they will gift that person with one of them.

At church that day, I was reminded of the quilt my late husband David received when he was so ill. As his illness progressed, he became smaller, and often he was cold. The quilt wrapped him in warmth and in love. The quilt was with him, still comforting him when he went to sleep that one last time.

When I moved back to California, the quilt went with me, and it kept me warm at the little farmhouse where I lived so many years. Now the quilt has moved back to Beach, ND, where it is with my eldest child. It continues to bless.

I’m sure there are a lot of churches with quilting ladies (and sometimes men), but the group that shared with us was the women at First Lutheran, in Beach.

I wanted to share this because I believe it’s essential to realize that these groups are indeed sharing their talents and their love.

I hope they know the comfort the quilts really bring.

Our trip to Yellowstone National Park last week was beautiful. It was just the right time of year to see the glorious colors. We saw Old Faithful erupt. I guess I thought it would be more prominent, and the locals tell us that it sometimes is bigger. On the day we were there, it was more of a spit than a spew. Regardless, it was still one of God’s wonders that we got to witness.

The only wildlife that we saw were deer and buffalo. I was hoping for a bear or a wolf, but that didn’t happen that day. As beautiful as they are, I see deer and buffalo right here at home.

Home again now, we are preparing for Tom’s birthday. It’s a big one, so we need to celebrate.

As we see the numbers grow, we celebrate each number and hope to see another even bigger one the next year.

Life is good today.

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