What’s your plan? (11/06/2019)


Time is interesting and in particular, this last week. Last Sunday, aggrandizing a tad and stretching the only thing missing from Arbuckle was the wind. I was appreciative of that as well, as were a lot of folks. The week before was a ghost town. Be it strange to say, something out of the Walking Dead or any apocalyptic event. I have seen the neighborhood pretty much calm, quiet, and almost dead numerous times throughout my lifetime. The perfect example of rolling up the town at the close of business. I did a friend a favor and cruised the main drag to grasp activity. Between the wind and PG&E’s power play, it was me and one other car battling the environment. I noticed what looked like Halloween come early as the usually neat row of port-a-potties for the car show were strewed about precariously yards from their ordinary resting place. That was a sight. Just from the wind.

Now fast forward a week, Ourbuckle was anything but placid. The car show brings the community together. I am in awe of the crowd, the cars, and those that organize the event. You might think that canceling would have been a sort of death knell. I ran out of toes and fingers but heard that there were over 300 entries again this year. I think that it is easy to say that the automobile has provided us with a life of ease and luxury, not to mention excitement. We just jump in the car and go. What an incredible timeline of vehicles on display. If you missed out, plan to attend next year.

My hat is off to the organizers, especially after holding their breath for a week. I say it was a success. Thank you, Kay, for knowing right where the JJH band booth needed to be placed. I am the self-proclaimed JJH roadie. I might be just a tab bias, but the musicians gave another top-notch concert. We shared the stage with the band performing for the show. I don’t think that either disappointed. My thanks to all.

One of the Girls was fundraising to get the JJH band to competition this year while another was manning the Future Business Leaders of America booth to fund their endeavors. The oldest, well she just enjoyed perusing this year for the first time. I thank all those who support the various organizations and dig deep into your pockets. All of us are grateful; your donations matter.

Both bands will be participating at 7 PM in Sweet Suites tomorrow night (Thursday, Nov. 7) at the Pierce High School Auditorium. You will be in for a night of music and dessert courtesy of our young musicians. Come on out and cheer them on. A financial contribution of any size will get them a step closer to competition this year.

Time can be a friend or foe; it can be wasted or put to good use. But it can never be recovered. You should make it an asset. I enjoyed meeting up with friends and neighbors at the car show. This was one of my better uses of time. ■

— Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email scott@arenscp.com