What’s your plan? (11/14/2019)


I hear we live in a hedonistic time? I am leaning toward believing it. This saddens as well as frustrates me. We are turning our backs on loving our neighbor. We will suffer dire consequences making poor choices thinking only of ourselves. Our choice as to how we will react to any given situation is one of the few things that we can honestly claim as our own. I wish that I wasn’t so accustomed and undisturbed walking in public and hearing the F-bomb said as casually as a stroll in the park. Colorful metaphors appear to be standard English. I challenge all of us to keep our mouths’ shut a while longer. We blurt out something all too embarrassing before we think. Spend some time digesting what was just heard! How much of the time has what we really just heard actually what was said?

Social media tends to be a hideous playground. Go take a look; just a quick delve provides instant testimony. If it is right there on our phone, it must be true. Establishing the “4 Main W’s” (who, what, where, and when) used to be the foundation to a good news report. Give us that; we are capable of deciding for ourselves. Don’t further your agenda by force feeding us. Americans have never been very good marionettes. Unfortunately, this tactic is nothing new for the mainstream media. Numerous accounts are recorded in history. The Spanish-American War is the perfect case study.

I am beginning to believe that the more something or someone is at the center of a social media defacing, the closer to the truth they are. And then there are those tangents in the opposite direction that are outright lies that seem to grow hardily in a perfectly prepared garden for all to harvest. Which fruit, when partaken, will canker the soul.

This is how I feel about socialism. Why is this even part of our political conversation? I become nauseous when anyone starts explaining how perfect a world this would be if only our government owned and regulated us. Government must be centered at the community level. Socialism has never worked! Millions have lost their lives at its implementation. Nothing is free; it all has a cost.

Be there no mistake, I am an outright capitalist. Pigeonhole me as you like. I hope not to be as narrow minded. I can believe anything and everything that I want. Our Founding Fathers believed in “unalienable rights.” There is something God given in “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” We will find great joy when we become of one mind again. I will refuse to take the congested, unrestrained superhighway and work to have no desire to embrace it. There is a better “road less traveled” for today. ■

— Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email scott@arenscp.com