What’s your plan? (11/20/2019)


Ok, I’ll step off my soapbox. I got to rantin’ (do try to avoid rambling) pretty good last week; I’ll stay off it for at least this piece. Segments of my journey last week found me at two sporting events. If it hasn’t been obvious, I live for my Girls! I have always done things a tad different. I heard outside my home that I should grow up, get an education, a good job, and get married and start a family. I guess I don’t listen well. One of my goals is not to live through my children; the jury’s probably still out on that one. For the most part though, they are pretty much their own person and sink or swim on their own. I couldn’t have it any better being raised by my four Girls while smiling with my classmates as they share grandchildren stories in this season of our lives.

I have grown to appreciate Maxwell. Its citizens and their events are class. It’s been my pleasure to travel to for sporting events. Their teams are competitors and sportsmen and it has been exciting mixing it up. It was junior high Girls’ basketball last week. I am my youngest’s biggest fan! My mind’s eye paints her present ability as a mixture of Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion. She could be a force if she will grow into her gangly body and wax stronger in confidence. We’ll both have a better appreciation for the final chapter of Oz when she comes into her own.

Sat next to one of those who was a part of my growing up years. He was rooting for his granddaughter on our 7th grade team; she’s inspiring to watch as an athlete. She exudes a positive mindset. It’s always good to be able to catch up. The question was asked as to what I am currently doing. I can’t tell you how I answered it. What struck me has been what I thought and the emotions that it is currently soliciting in me. With all the sales training I’ve had, the reply should have been that I am in the current position to provide parents with peace of mind by getting their students into their dream schools for the least amount of money while growing their retirement income. It is a painful experience to plan for college made worse by crushing debt. There are too few of us who can successfully put a plan together that addresses all aspects of admissions and funding that does not leave people reeling from the process and pain. Am I boasting? My clients determine that. I do guarantee that it will only take one frustrated and dissatisfied customer and I will be finished doing business here in the area. I appreciate family, friends, and neighbors that hold me accountable.

What am I really doing or how am I doing? That’s were I was mentally at the second event. For the moment, I’ll reach back into my youth for,

To Be Continued . . . ■

— Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email scott@arenscp.com