Life, as I see it : Time Passes


Yesterday, I read that my longtime friend Kay Spurgeon had passed. Kay dedicated much of her life not only to her own children and grandchildren, but also to the children of others.

She was dedicated to her work in education for many years.

I, like many others, will miss her.

Yesterday, Tom and I came to Bismarck, ND, for a couple of days of relaxation. We have a hotel we like to stay in here. So, here I sit in a lovely suite where I can write this column. 

Yesterday, we went to a movie at the Grand22 Theatre. It’s a great theater with the charm of an old-style movie house, but with quality upgrades. Each of the multiple theaters housed there are appointed with plush leather recliner seats with foot rests yet. 

Today, I’ll do some Christmas shopping. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually buy. I do enjoy the holiday looking though.

As we were driving here, I heard myself say that there was more traffic than usual. Then my former California self had to laugh because there were only about 10 other cars out there with us. It’s funny how in a short few months our outlook can change. 

In California, those 10 cars would have been light traffic at best.

Now that my birthday has passed, I’m officially heading into holiday season.

I had a wonderful family birthday celebration with my babies, big and small. I felt loved and pampered.

As a pre-holiday event, the grandkids came for a visit and we decorated gingerbread people. They were both tasty and creative. It was a fun day and again a reminder of how good life can be. It’s about taking time to enjoy the simple things in life.

Life continues to be good today.

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