Sunday, July 25, 2021


Life, as I see it : Why be thankful

Take a look around you. Is there at least one thing in your life for which to be thankful?
I believe we all can find at least one thing.

I asked two of my grandchildren this week what they were thankful for that day. One said she was thankful she still had her dog although he’s pretty old now. The other said he was thankful for the time he had with his dog that had passed last year.

We all have something.

I can look around me and see the blessings one after another. We are comfortable in our North Dakota home and we are grateful for our lives here, but the biggest blessings are not things.

My biggest blessing is my family and my friends who surround me here.

For the first time in way too many years, I will host Thanksgiving. I know I go a little overboard with the preparations and my pickiness of everything being just right. I know that by day’s end I’ll be exhausted and crawl to bed with a backache. But it’s worth it.

Time with my babies, big and small, more than makes up for a little weariness.

As we are grateful for all that we have, let’s also remember to give.

Sometimes the simplest of gestures mean more than you might know.

In the last round of snow here, we came home to a cleared driveway. Later we found out that our neighbor Mark did it for us. A simple job for him was a challenge for us. We are thankful for his kindness.

So, if you gather as a family, with friends, or at a public dinner provided, look around. We are all blessed. We all have at least one thing for which to be thankful.

It’s not always things; it’s more often people or circumstance.

This year, I am more than grateful to be back in North Dakota surrounded by people I love and thankfully by people who love me back. Life is good today.

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