What’s your plan? (12/11/2019)


So It begins! I get more irate and grouchier as the years fly by. I venture out to shop for Halloween only to find that the shelves are better stocked for Christmas. I’m lucky to get candy that doesn’t have holiday greetings all over it. I am convinced that stores tell their employees to forfeit freight night to clear the aisles of all things that go bump in the night to overstock with all things festive. This all wears on me. In entered the Christmas music and it was only November 1st. What about Thanksgiving? Is it just an obnoxious bump in the road on the way to Black Friday? I am not doing myself any favors in the blood pressure department getting all work up over this. It began; quite a while ago!

“So it begins” can be found in a line from the film Two Towers (2002) of the Lord of the Rings saga; King Theoden asserts it as the major battle of Helms Deep commences. Another in the never-ending conflict of good vs evil. It is also a meme. I get this movie; not sure I understand memes. The idea is to signify the start of something big. The Girls could talk your ears off dissecting memes. My simplicity handles them as a word or phrase attached to an image connoting a message. I’m not too sure that these don’t rise above much more than a mild suggestion. Not something that helps in a dialog much, but is extremely popular in social media. I would argue that it is just another useless element or ‘wow factor’ to get caught up in the ‘so what’ universe of internet mayhem. We seem to be in a rut pushing personal narratives extra hard these days while forgetting their possible effect on others. We need more building up and less tearing down; more application of the Golden Rule. We dive headlong into the selfishness of me, me, me when all the while we should be squarely on our feet standing strong and tall at loving our neighbor.

I am not going to survive this if I don’t focus on the true reason for the season. The rage I feel would easily propel me to the frontline of battle and prompt obliteration. That can’t be any good. It is how one chooses to react to the battle that has eternal consequences. A positive mindset will always be to one’s advantage. Under the Quote of the Day in Johnson JH’s Announcements for December 9, 2019 is this: “A great Attitude is one of your best tools.” I wouldn’t mind it being said of me that he kept his wits. Peace and joy are blessings to cultivate.

I will choose to focus turning my attention to the brighter side of it all! More so during this season of the year. Social media has its ups; so does living in Colusa County. I have the Tender Mercy of frequent, personal contact with many of those I went to school with; especially quite a few from as far back as our Kindergarten days. I am thankful for this; they remind me who I am and make me a better person for it. Maryann Diaz is one such and recently used Facebook to post a challenge to create a new Christmas Tradition. Read each chapter from the Book of Luke starting on December 1st. Thank you Maryann; I like what it is doing to me. 

■ Scott Arens is a lifelong resident of Arbuckle. To contact Scott email scott@arenscp.com