Life, as I see it: People we miss


Yesterday, I mixed up some Joe Frogger molasses cookies. I’ll bake them today.

But the mixing process and the smell of the molasses and the spices took me back in time.

I remembered Aunt Emma and the good baking smell of her kitchen. I remembered also my Grandpa Charley because molasses cookies were one of his favorites.

It was as if, for a time, those two special people in my life were with me once again.

I’m not kidding myself to think that my cookies will be as good as Aunt Emma’s were. But, in the mixing, I stepped back for a few minutes. I got to remember and be thankful I had each of these people in my life.

I spent the rest of my Saturday wrapping gifts and watching sappy Christmas movies. They all have a similar plot, make you cry at some point, and then give you a happy ending. It is as it should be.

Our family favorites remain “Its A Wonderful Life,” “The Christmas Story,” and “Elf.”

There are just some things that stick.

I enjoyed the grandkids performing in the school Christmas program this week. I’m a pushover for my grandkids and think they all are pretty wonderful.

We also celebrated “adoption day” this week. Our family is so blessed to have granddaughter Lea be a part of us. She is truly a gift to each of us, especially her parents.

God has a way of bringing the right people together.

Life is good today.

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Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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