Life, as I see it : The fall


In the last few years I’ve dubbed myself Wonder Woman. I did this because even though I’m getting older, I’ve continued to tackle and accomplish a lot of physically challenging jobs. My motto was just do it. Suck it up if you have a little pain.

Well, God has a way of dealing with people like me.

As usual my Christmas preparations list is long. As usual I have planned the days that I will complete each task. This was all working well and I was right on schedule. That is, until last Thursday.

I finished baking and packaging cookies. Then I took the packaged treats to the garage. The beauty of baking ahead in North Dakota is that it’s cold enough for storage in the garage so you don’t waste freezer space.

Here I went, trays in hand, and tripped on the lawnmower. The result was a full force body slam to the cement floor. Cookie packages went flying.

Tom was out of town and I was home alone. I lay there for a bit until I managed to move and get myself up.

I texted my daughters and after some stubborn debate on my part, daughter Velvet and friend Jodi took me to the clinic for X-rays.

The good news is the ribs or the hand I landed on are not broken. The bad news is I have enough pain to render me immobile.

So here I sit accomplishing zero Christmas prep. Each day when I wake up I hope that it will be better.

It is improving, but it seems to be taking a long time.

Each of my children have asked the same questions. Do they need to get for me a life alert button and are the cookies alright.

No to the button and happily yes to the cookies. Not one was crumbled.

So, here I sit for day five.

The upside is I get to practice what I preach. That is we shouldn’t get wrapped up in the trappings of Christmas. We should take time to reflect on the reason for the season.

Now I have all the time I need.

I don’t think God tripped me, but I do think he used the accident and its result to teach me.

Take a deep breath folks. Focus less on the trimmings and more on the blessings.

I managed to get upstairs on Friday night so I could see the festivities of grandson Vaughn’s birthday party. That’s a blessing.

Life is good today.

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