Life, as I see it : See the blessings


Amid the chaos of a flooded basement there still come blessings.

Although, my Southern California-born husband might find them hard to spot.

A forgotten outdoor faucet left running in the fall, created a flood in our basement. The basement is where our bedroom is located.

What “joy” to swing out of bed only to have your bare feet land in about a half inch of water.

Fourteen hours of wet vacuuming later, Tom finally gave up and went to bed.

It looks like it’s slowing down now.

There in lays a blessing. No burst pipe. Blessing number two was a handy little shop vac purchased at Rohan’s Hardware here in town. Son Val was kind enough to bring his shop vac to us for part one of the day. Friend James showed up with a portable sump pump.
Lessons learned. Make sure the house is winterized inside and out.

Someone used to always remind me that tomorrow will be a better day. It’s tomorrow now, so let’s get on to a better day.

Later this morning my grandchildren will perform in the church Christmas program. It doesn’t get better than that. It’s full circle now. The program is at the same church the grandkids’ parents performed Christmas programs when they were little.

Admittedly it’s been a rough couple of weeks here. I’m healing from my fall, but this week Tom slipped on the ice and hit his back and head.

He was coming out of the grocery store in Glendive, Montana. A nice man that helped him after the fall said that the way his feet were spinning he looked like a road runner cartoon.
He’s OK, although when he got home he found a pebble lodged in his head.

Yesterday, when he got the Jeep stuck on some ice, he admitted he was ready to go back to California for a while.

This short term winter stay this year is just preparing us for when we’re here full time.

We can do it.

Aside from a few mishaps lately, we still love North Dakota. We still love our home and we are where we need to be for sure. That is the biggest blessing.

So today when I see the grandkids bringing to life the manger story, I will remember. I will remember how lucky we are to be here with our family. I will remember that the manger scene is the reason for the season.

And like everything else, God’s got this.

Merry Christmas and remember that life is good today.

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