Monday, July 26, 2021


Girls Varsity Basketball: Maxwell looses to Esparto

The Maxwell Panthers suffered their second home loss last Wednesday with a 35-51 upset by the Esparto Spartans.

A lay-up from Esparto’s Kinsey Erickson would set the pace Wednesday night, as the Esparto controlled the scoreboard in the entirety of the game. Maxwell gave up five consecutive baskets before Vanessa Garcia sank an outside shot for Maxwell’s first score of the night. Unable to contain Esparto’s offense, Maxwell fell to an 8-14 score, at the end of the first quarter.

Esparto held Maxwell to just a single basket by Jackie Hernandez before the half, widening the score deficit 10-25. After the half, Maxwell stepped up on both offense and defense, holding Esparto to just three baskets while contributing nine points to the scoreboard for a 19-31 end of the third quarter score. Hernandez heated up the hoop with 11 points in the fourth for Maxwell but Esparto’s offense was too much to handle putting 20 of their own on the scoreboard for the win, 35-51.

Maxwell’s Hernandez was the top scorer of the night with 17 points and Garcia added 10 points for offensive effort.

Maxwell lost Friday’s away conference match-up in Portola with a final score 19-1 falling to a 3-9 season record. Tonight Maxwell travels to Core Butte with a 5 PM game-time. ■

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