Girls basketball: Williams offense misses execution at the hoop

Barbara Bledsoe dribbles pass an East Nicolaus defender in last Wednesday home game.

Williams LadyJackets hosted the East Nicolaus Spartans last Wednesday but fell short with a 48-31 loss.

The Spartans offense dominated the court in the first four minutes of the game, shutting Williams out 6-0. Lizbeth Aceves at the three-minute mark swished a 3-point field goal to bring the Jackets within three. The Jackets found themselves down 15-6 before the second quarter. 

Pressured by the Spartan defense, the LadyJackets fell to 20-8 score deficit. A break from full court press allotted for a 10-point scoring spree by Barbara Bledsoe for the Jackets, closing the gap on the score board, 22-16 before the half.

Williams’ offense felt the defensive pressure by East Nicolaus, as the Spartans outscored the Jackets, allowing just four points to their own eight, for a 30-20 lead to close out the third. 

Williams’ offense struggled to find the hoop in the fourth, even with the help of Bledsoe’s eight consecutive points in the last three minutes of the game. 

Williams answered East Nicolaus’ 18 points with 11 of their own, but the clock worked against the Jackets, causing a loss for the night.

LadyJackets close out their regular season 6-13, 0-9.â–