Marysville takes win in Colusa 


Marysville’s Lady Indians did not waste the trip to Colusa, as their game against the JV Lady Hawks on Thursday proved victorious 7-5. 

The Lady Hawks had an exciting second inning, but otherwise were not able to match the Indians’ speed. Colusa pitcher Jasmine Alvarez sent many strong pitches across home plate, but Indian runners were frequently able to make it to first before the Lady Hawks were able to get the ball to first baseman, Lily Woodring. 

While at bat, Lady Hawks made several great hits, including Giselle Espindola, who made it to first and successfully stole the next two bases. Kaylie Gwinnup also gave fans that satisfying crack from the bat, and so did Anahi Guzman, but the Indians on the field, with mitts ready, nulled the impressive hits. 

The Colusa JV Lady Hawks will have another chance to show off their practice on Tuesday, April 2, at 4 PM in away game against Sutter. ■