Monday, July 26, 2021


Williams Lady Jackets fate sealed by fourth inning

The Williams Lady Jackets suffered an away conference loss to Hamilton last Wednesday with a final score 11-1.

Williams pitcher Litzie Leos contained the Braves offense from the mound, allowing just one hit and walk. Defensive errors on the Lady Jackets infield allotted for the 2-0 score at the top of the second. On offense, Williams’ Barbara Bledsoe delivered a line drive on a fielder’s choice, securing first base with two outs. Unable to keep a two-out rally in place, Williams was back on defense and went on to hold Hamilton scoreless in the second. 

Hamilton fired up the offense at the top of third, racking up five hits on the inning and adding three runs to the board for a 5-0 lead. Jovanna Hernandez’ single on a line drive to right field looked to be a change in pace for the Lady Jackets, as Estefania Bermudez followed with a single on a ground ball to the Braves shortstop and a RBI on the play. Leos followed suit with a single line drive to left field. But a chance for Williams to lessen the score deficit was shut down with the following three batters grounding out to a 5-1 Hamilton lead.

At the top of the fourth, lead batters for the Braves, Allison Vogt, Morgan Avrit, and Engel all collected hits and tore up the base paths, but Hamilton went on to score six runs in the inning and claimed the win over Williams, 11-1.

“Being limited on field practice has been rough this season,” said Williams Coach Kristi Hill. “I am looking forward to some fielding time with these girls. This team has the talent to be competitive but the lack of on the field practices from rain has been rough. These girls played great today regardless of the score.” 

Leos pitched four innings, allowed eight runs on six hits, and struck out two. Bermudez threw one-third of an inning in relief out of the bullpen. Hernandez went 2-for-3 at the plate to lead Williams in hits. 

Williams hosts Durham today in a conference game. â– 

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