Colusa uses challenges to be champions


Colusa High School is meeting some early challenges with an equal intensity that the RedHawks are known to possess.

Coach Tina Lyons is bringing her team under fire to build up against local rivalries. Lyons admits, “Pierce and Willows will always be tough. They both have very strong programs.” Yet this brings Lyons fight or flight instinct to come out swinging. “We will participating in three tournaments and all three of them will be tough,” Lyons said. 

The RedHawks will be going to play the Durham Trojans in the Elmeretta Brown tournament on Sept. 24. Shortly after, the girls are scheduled to play in the Kamehameha Hawaii tournament. Less than a month later, they will go up in the Sutter Battle of the Buttes tournament.

Senior, Cynthia Velasquez said that the team has done a number of fundraisers to aid them in their travels, including a Serve-a-thon. 

One of the hurdles for the team to overcome is having fewer players to work with. Currently the team is working with 12 players and one is currently out of competition while recovering. Towering at 6’4,” Carly Lay is sorely missed on the court while her knee surgery has her on the sidelines. Lyons is vigilant of Lay’s recovery and Lay said that her doctors have put her ahead of schedule for healing. She hopes to be playing again before the end of the month. 

The first game played will be against Middleton Mustangs at an away game on Sept. 20. “We will also be seeing Pioneer which also has a very strong program,” said Lyons as she gears her team up for a home victory against the Woodland Pioneer Patriots on Sept. 19.

A benefit towards the smaller team is that each player will get ample practice and game experience. With five returning seniors, the majority of the team on the court will have had years of experience as a team. 

“All seniors will be the ones to watch this year,” said Lyons. “All of them will be starts this season as long as they all stay healthy.” ■