Football: Panthers football struggles for third week


Panthers football traveled to Portola last Friday and suffered yet another conference match-up loss, falling to the Tigers with a final score 54-20. 

A cold night in Portola under those Friday night lights proved to be a rough one for Maxwell. Portola’s kick-off landed Maxwell on their own 28-yard line. Trent Hendrix’s pass down field was intercepted by Portola’s Keegan Folchi, on their own 35-yard line and a Maxwell turn over. An eight yard rush put Portola on the board with the point after touchdown good to take a 7-0 lead. Unable to make completions for downs, Maxwell remained scoreless in the first quarter. It was the same scenario for the start of the second quarter, which placed the Tigers on their own 20-yard line. A 9-yard pass by Portola’s Gonzalves to Xavier Avila widened the score deficit to 13-0. 

Hendrix found success with a 13-yard connection to Wyatt Hendrix for the Panthers’ first touchdown of the game, and a conversion completion by Tony Lopez took the score to 13-8. 

Portola then shut down Maxwell’s offense, forcing continuous turn overs on failed downs, and found the end zone three more times before half for a 33-8 lead over Maxwell. 

After the half, Portola continued forward progress with a 58-yard run, widening the score deficit 40-8. Back on offense for the Panthers, Hendrix’s 14-yard pass completed to Lopez for the touchdown. 

With three minutes left in the game, Hendrix made the last touchdown of the night with a 5-yard quarterback sneak. But the clock worked against the Panthers, and Portola’s commanding lead from the first half couldn’t be dented, leaving Maxwell to suffer the 54-20 loss. 

Maxwell sits 2-4 on the season with a 0-4 league record. The Panthers will descend to Modoc this Friday with a 6:30 PM start time. â–