Football: Bears get lesson in persistence


Senior night in Bear country looked as though it would have been topped with a win until an unexpected turn in the fourth quarter, caused the Bears to fall to the Lions by a single point, 14-13.

Neither team scored for the first quarter. During the second quarter, Pierce’s Eduardo Paiz passed to Luke Voorhees for the first touchdown of the night and a good point after touchdown saw a halftime score of 7-0. 

The lions were were watching and learning. The third quarter was a frustrating game of back-and-forth between the teams that gave fans a whiplash, ultimately the third quarter ended with no scores. The fourth quarter was when the game started to go in the Lion’s favor. Inches away from the Lion’s first score Paiz passed to Pierce’s Daniel Medina who took the ball for a glorious sprint across the entire field and a stunning touchdown. No extra point after the touchdown and what seemed like a single insignificant point so close to the end of the game ended up making all the difference. 

Anthony Tapia praised Live Oak for their determination, who demonstrated that the game belongs to no one. Lion Tony Vallejo passed to Eddie Torres for the first Lion touchdown on the scoreboard and chalked up another with a good point after touchdown. Live Oak repeated a touchdown, tying the game and the extra point meant the end of the game for the Bears.

But the end of a close game is not the end of the road, another game against Durham is looming and the Bears will have a chance to implement changes from a difficult lesson. 

“At the end of the day, they still got more football to play,” said Tapia, “If they come out, focused, maybe learn from a loss.” ■