FOOTBALL: Championship freezes for the Pierce Bears

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The bitter cold of an away game Nov. 27 in East Nicolaus matched the spirits of the Pierce Bears, who went as far as they could in the 2019 Northern Section Football Playoffs.
The bears, 8-5 in league standings, met a bitter end against the top seeded Spartans, with a final score of 61-14.

A strong first quarter for East Nicolas included an interception, a 2 yard rushing touchdown, and a 66 yard rushing touchdown to lead the Bears 21-0. But the Spartans did not end their march to victory there, for which Pierce’s Varsity Football Coach Anthony Tapia gave the Spartans credit, saying that they played tough the whole game.

In the second quarter, the Bears gave the Spartans some fight with a long pass by Eduardo Paiz to Justin Mathews, which put Pierce inside East Nicolaus’ 20 yard line.

The halftime scoreboard read 42-6 after a short pass by Paiz to Luke Voorhees.

In the third quarter, Voorhees made another recieving touchdown on a pass from Paiz.
East Nicolaus’s offense continued to push for a 55-8 lead.

The final quarter had a final Spartan six point score, ending the game at a 61-14.

A victory in the Division IV Section Finals had propelled the Bears to the Northern Section Championship, a feat that has not been reached for 15 years.

“Hopefully the boys can be motivated to make another run next year,” said Tapia. “I’d like to thank the seniors for leading the way and hopefully getting the ball rolling for future success from our program.” ■