Lady RedHawks take win over Williams

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On Colusa’s mildly damp field, the Lady RedHawks and the Lady Jackets met for a rival game on Dec. 3. Ultimately, the RedHawks came out on top, 6-2. 

The Lady Jackets started off strong but communication was what RedHawks Coach Laura Cervantes said her girls had momentarily forgotten. 

“It was because of communicating,” said Cervantes. “Those nice little passes that we know we can do.” 

The RedHawks are a mixed bag of classes. Cervantes said that juniors and seniors are grooming the underclassmen to help develop their skills. 

Experienced students, including junior Rylee Reading, who had five offsides, and junior Destiny Ramirez, who scored three points for her team, have become role models. 

It was the juniors and seniors that saw the team to the Winter Soccer Playoffs last year. 

“The way I see it, we have a great chance again this year,” said Cervantes. “We definitely have the team to do it again this year. I’m just super excited.” ■