Pierce Bears find tournament success


The Georgia Raczniak Basketball Tournament in Colusa took place at the end of last week, and the Pierce Bears saw it through to Saturday’s end and were crowned champions.

The Bears defeated the Paradise Bobcats, 68-48. Next, the Gridley Bulldogs gave a valiant effort but lost to the Bears 62-46. Then the Durham Trojans tried to do what the others could not, only for Pierce to trounce Durham, 56-33.

The Trojans got off to a fighting start and were in the lead 11-7 by the end of the first quarter.

Senior Gentry Condrey Jr., junior Eduardo Paiz, and Justin Mathews were successful with field goals shot beyond the three-point line.

The second quarter belonged to the Bears who scored 19 points to the Trojans’ two. After the break, the Bears were rested and scored 17 more points and kept the Trojans away from the net, only allowing eight to get past them.

Then tragedy struck as Luke Voorhees went down with an injury. The Bears were stunned and the Trojans took advantage, scoring 12 points.

“I just think that took the air out of everyone to be honest,” said Coach Cody McCullough, coach for the Bears. “It kind of showed there on the court for a minute, but they were able to get out of the funk and figure it out.”

After the short poking, the sleeping Bears woke up and scored 13 points before the final buzzer, winning the final game of the tournament with a 21-point spread
Junior Alex High was constantly under the net, with nine rebounds and scoring seven two-pointers. He picked up missed shots and redirected them back into a score for the team.

enior Daniel Medina was strong on the defensive rebounds and scored 13 points for his team.

“We are in a winning season right now with two losses. We are good,” said Medina. “We are pretty excited. We will go far this year.”

Medina was also was a team player with four assists and four steals from the Trojans. High and Medina were both on point, each making three out of four free throws.

McCullough said that he got lucky with a team that is passionate.

“They all just fight for it,” he said. “Every single one of those kids have grown up playing basketball. It is amazing to see them come together and play well.” ■