Two Egling teams undefeated


Egling can boast that two of their teams as undefeated: boys soccer and girls basketball.

Armando Garcia, coach for the boys soccer team, said that going through the season without a loss is a difficult thing to do. This will be the third time his team has accomplished that in the five years he has coached the team. Although Garcia has 20 years of coaching under his belt, he attributes the wins to teamwork and dedication from his team.

Ron Bruggman has been working with the girls on his basketball team for years and has watched them grow. He said that at the beginning of any sport his girls play, there is a period of adjustment, but after group discipline, Bruggman joked that they ban together against him.

Bruggan said the trick was that, unlike other basketball teams, his does not have any specific starters.

“I put the team in half the day before a game, and they play to start. It doesn’t matter which one I have in,” he said.