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Accused Orv’s parking lot shooter pleads not guilty

Brandon Bowyer

The man suspected of shooting at an occupied vehicle in the Orv’s Gas Station parking lot, in Williams, last December, has pleaded not guilty to felony charges.

Brandon Leon Bowyer, 23, of Lake County, is accused of firing approximately five shots at a vehicle as it accelerated through the Orv’s parking lot, in what investigators said was an “illegal drug deal gone wrong.”

Bowyer pleaded not guilty through his attorney to assault with a deadly weapon on Aug. 26. He is also charged by the Colusa County District Attorney’s Office with shooting at an occupied motor vehicle and discharging a firearm with gross negligence.

At Bowyer’s preliminary hearing in June, investigators testified that surveillance footage from the tourist stop on Highway 20 captured the license plate of Bowyer’s Ford F150 pickup, although Bowyer couldn’t be positively identified as the shooter.

The shooting occurred around 9 PM on Dec. 26.

Bowyer was arrested by the Colusa County Narcotics Task Force and Lake County Sheriff’s Office two months after the alleged crime on Feb. 20, and after Bowyer placed himself at the gas station, according to Lake County Deputy Brigham Reece, who investigated a report a few days after the shooting of a man brandishing a weapon at the home of a woman, in Nice.

Reece testified that the woman, Lindsay Collins, claimed Bowyer came to her home on Jan. 3, lifted his shirt to expose a handgun, and told her about the “deal” and that he was looking for a man by the name of Andrew Joseph Bryant, who owed Bowyer money.

Bryant is believed to be the targeted victim at Orv’s, and was reportedly the driver of the Mercedes sedan that was fired upon.

A man by the name of Jason Schnares reported a similar story to the Lake County deputy, Reece testified, claiming that Bowyer told him, also on Jan. 3, that “a deal went bad” a few days earlier, that Bowyer was “robbed” in Williams, resulting in gunfire being exchanged, and that Bowyer was looking for a Jamaican man by the name of Bryant.

Bowyer, who is represented by private attorney, Patrick Hanley, of Sacramento, is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 7 for the setting of his trial.

Bowyer is currently out of custody on bond.

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