Thursday, June 24, 2021


Woman facing vandalism charges alone

A Colusa woman is facing a felony charge for allegedly vandalizing two vehicles on Sioc Street in the middle of the night as an act of retaliation.

Moli Michell-Hill, 35, is accused of shattering the rear window of a Cadillac Escalade, and putting a dent in a Buick LeSabre, not long after she and her husband, James Hill, reportedly got into a physical altercation with another woman.

Following a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, Colusa County Superior Court Judge, Jeffrey A. Thompson, ruled there is sufficient evidence to charge Mrs. Hill with the vandalism, but not enough evidence to charge Mr. Hill, who Colusa Police Officers said likely drove his wife to and from the crime scene.

The estimated damages to the two vehicles totaled $2,500, enough for Mrs. Hill to be charged with a felony.

According to court testimony, Mrs. Hill was reportedly in a fistfight with the woman at her home in the first block of Sioc Street on April 3. The vandalism reportedly occurred at 2 AM at the same location, in what police believe is an ongoing dispute between the two parties.

A neighbor reportedly observed both the fight around 7:30 PM and the alleged vandalism that occurred in the middle of the night, CPD officers testified.

Mrs. Hill is scheduled to enter a plea on the felony charge on Nov. 18.

All charges against Mr. Hill were dropped due to insufficient evidence, after police officers said the witness could not positively identify him as the driver of a black Dodge Charger, reported to be Mrs. Hill’s getaway vehicle.

Police officers testified that the couple had arrived at the Sioc Street property in a Dodge Charger shortly before the 7:30 PM fight, which was broken up when a man living at the home brandished a firearm to scare the couple away.

Police believe the couple returned together in the same vehicle, but testified that only Mrs. Hill was seen near the vehicles at the time the witness reported the sound of breaking glass.

The District Attorney also dismissed a felony grand theft charge alleging that Mr. Hill attempted to steal a mini-motorcycle on April 7 following another physical altercation in the street with the brother of the woman involved in the dispute.

Mr. Hill has a lengthy criminal history in Colusa County, dating back to 1993, with convictions for firearms, domestic violence, assault, drugs, and driving under the influence.

Mrs. Hill has no apparent criminal history.

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