Saturday, April 17, 2021


Life, as I See it: Hurray!

Sometimes if you whine long enough you find someone to take pity on you.

I’ve lamented for weeks about not having freshly harvested California walnuts to bake with this year.

Bless my darling niece Jenica Garrett. She picked up and shelled walnuts from her tree and mailed them to me in North Dakota. 

What a treat!  

Thanksgiving was a good holiday this year. Son Val and his sweet Sami hosted. It was a pleasure to be in their home and surrounded by kids, big and small. I have to say I certainly felt the blessings all around me. We aren’t a huge group, so we fit right in with this year’s precautions.

I’m happiest when surrounded by the Craigo Clan. It gives me joy to see each of them and the people they continue to become. 

I am thankful just to be with them.

It’s been a long, hard year. It’s been especially hard for people facing illness, as well as the small business owners. Times are tough, but so are we. I believe that together we can all come out on the other side as better people.

One thing I see happening is that folks are appreciating more the simple things. We surely are appreciative of the time spent with family and friends.

Christmas this year is likely to be different for many. Groups usually together may make new plans. Whoever you are with, look at them as a blessing. 

Some of the events we usually attend may be missed. But, it’s not about events. It’s about a Boy Child in a manager. Stay focused on that and remember why we celebrate.

God is good and life is good today.

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