Colusa man sentenced on assault charge


A Colusa man was sentenced on Jan. 2 to three years in the Colusa County Jail for assaulting his childhood friend with a knife more than two years ago. 

Kevin Barajas Jimenez, 24, had pleaded no contest to the single felony assault charge in 2018 but failed to appear in court last October after leaving a court-ordered drug rehabilitation center in the Bay Area. 

Jimenez was originally arrested on Aug. 20, 2017, following a report to the Colusa Police that he used a knife while attempting to take money from his friend, Ernesto Garcia, and Garcia’s friend, Giselle Valencia, while at the park near Larson Lane and Second Street three days earlier. 

Jimenez was also charged with attempted carjacking, a special allegation for use of deadly weapon, possession of a controlled substance, and giving false information to a police officer, which were dismissed in exchange for his guilty plea, according to court records. 

Jimenez and Garcia had been friends since the sixth grade, Garcia said at a preliminary hearing in 2018, and the two remained friends after the incident. 

Garcia claimed that after Jimenez demanded money, which Garcia did not have, his friend jumped into the driver seat of the car. While trying to pull Jimenez out of his vehicle, Jimenez’ hand came up and cut Garcia on the lip, according to court documents. Valencia was able to run away at Jimenez’ initial demand for money. 

Three days after the incident, Colusa Police located Jimenez in the area of Wescott Road and Larsen Lane. 

When confronted, Jimenez reportedly tossed methamphetamine onto the ground. He also gave police a fake name. 

Superior Court Jeffrey A. Thompson said during last week’s hearing that Jimenez had an increasingly criminal history and was on probation at the time of the assault, which warranted the recommended sentence. 

As of Jan. 2, Jimenez had already served 157 days in the Colusa County Jail and will be given an additional 156 days as credit toward his sentence. υ

Susan Meeker
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