Williams man sentenced to state prison for domestic violence


A Williams man was sentenced last week to three years in state prison for domestic violence after he was rearrested in Fresno County for assaulting the same victim after more than two years on the run from law enforcement. 

Javier Gaudalupe Aguilera, 42, also known by the alias Antonio Saldana Aguilera, was originally arrested for inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant on Oct. 20, 2017, but absconded soon after Colusa County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Thompson sentenced him to 180 days in jail, 36 months probation, substance abuse treatment, and ordered to a 52-week batterers’ treatment program. 

Aguilera was convicted on the felony domestic battery charge on Dec. 20, 2017, after he pleaded no contest in exchange for a reduced sentenced from a possible four-year stint in state prison.  

According to court records, Aguilera absconded immediately after he was released from the Colusa County Jail by failing to report to his probation officer. Within days, Aguilera had disappeared from his last known address and invalided his phone number, officials said. 

After nearly two years in hiding, Aguilera was arrested by the Huron Police Department on Nov. 25, 2019 on a Colusa County bench warrant after his victim called the police to report that he had showed up at her place of employment, allegedly grabbed her by the arms, shook her, and issued a verbal threat, despite a court order of protection. 

Aguilera, a contracted farm laborer, claimed he ran into his victim by accident while he was working in Kern County, court records indicate. 

In a letter written in Spanish and translated into English for the court, Aguilera asked the judge that he be given another chance at straight probation so as not to lose his employment. 

Aguilera claims his 11-year-old daughter is in a coma in Mexico from ingesting cleaning chemicals in a suicide attempt, and that he needed to send money to his home country to pay for medical expenses. 

According to his presentencing report, Aguilera was found have little regard for abiding by the terms of probation or the law, given that he was apprehended on new domestic violence charges involving the same victim, and that he was in possession of methamphetamine. 

Aguilera was turned over to the California Department of Corrections on Jan. 22 to serve out his three-year sentence less 297 days credit for time served. 

Additionally, Aguilera was ordered to pay nearly $2,000 in fines, penalties, fees, and restitution. ■

Susan Meeker
Susan Meeker is the Editor and Reporter for the Pioneer Review. She started her position with the Pioneer Review in January 2017 as the Advertising Manager. Susan specializes in local crime, government reporting. She also loves covering the various topics and events in our county. You can send her a message at susan@colusacountynews.net