Man sentenced to six years for assaulting elder 


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A Williams man was sentenced to six years in state prison last week for his part in an assault on a 71-year-old man in a casino parking lot in Yolo County more than four years ago. 

Eduardo Luis Navarro Lopez, 25, who has had a string of arrests in Colusa County dating back to when he was a teenager, has been afforded numerous opportunities to take advantage of the benefits of probation, but to no avail, court records indicate. 

Navarro was sentenced Jan. 29 for the four-year-old assault, and for violating probation on several other cases, including assaulting a former girlfriend, for which he was convicted on April 24, 2019. 

That Lopez now claims to want drug and alcohol rehabilitation and be given another chance at probation fell on largely deaf ears, with Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson calling his probation performance in the past “abysmal.” 

Lopez, along with Jesus Camarena, were originally charged in connection with robbing the elderly man in the casino’s parking lot on Jan 24, 2016. Police said Lopez pushed the man down, which caused bruising to the victim’s arms and a broken jaw, court records state. 

Lopez and Camarena claimed the victim and his wife left the scene of an accident after the 71-year-old hit a car in the high rise parking structure, but failed to leave identifying information, for which Lopez and Camarena attempted to intercede. 

Lopez and Camarena claimed they only pushed the man following an argument because they thought he was reaching “into his pocket for a gun.” 

The victim first denied hitting the parked car, but his wife later admitted it to police and said the issue was the reason for the initial contact with Lopez and Camarena, according to court documents. 

Lopez, who was accused of taking the victim’s wallet before leaving the scene, eventually pleaded guilty to assault by force likely to cause great bodily injury and a special allegation of assaulting a person older than 70, in exchange for having the second degree robbery charge dismissed. His six-year sentenced was stayed pending successful probation, which was transferred to Colusa County authorities. 

While on probation, court records indicate that Lopez pleaded guilty to battery on his girlfriend and violation of probation. 

Lopez was sentenced Jan. 29 to one year in jail for the battery and 90 days in connection to probation violation on a misdemeanor DUI charge, both of which will run concurrent to his six-year prison sentence for the Yolo County assault of an elder. ■