Separate jails for Williams twins


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Williams twins with a history of engaging in criminal behavior together will be forced to spend the next few years apart.

Jose Manuel Flores Lopez, 30, was sentenced on Jan. 29 to three years in state prison, and his twin, Jose Luis Flores Lopez, was sentenced on Feb. 5 to 12 months in the Colusa County Jail.

The twins were convicted Dec. 4 on charges related to resisting arrest following a drunken altercation with three law enforcement officers in Redinger Park, in Williams, last July.

The brothers have a history of criminal behavior, including convictions for assaulting a 19-year-old pregnant woman in 2016 after she and her companion gave them ride, court records indicate.

Manuel Lopez, who has a conviction for public intoxication in 2007, and for driving under the influence of alcohol in 2008, pleaded, through his attorney, for another chance at probation on the promise he seeks rehabilitation for alcohol and substance abuse.

Court records indicate that he had a .3 blood alcohol level when he obstructed two Williams Police Department officers and kicked a Colusa County Sheriff’s Deputy while they were attempting to arrest him for being drunk in public and for violating his probation, which ordered him to avoid alcohol.

According to his sentencing report, Manuel Lopez has shown increasingly anti-social behavior over the years, and that the three-year sentence was warranted.

Officials said Manuel Lopez was the ringleader in the assault case, which caused injury to the pregnant woman after he reportedly pushed and kicked her.

Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson also denied Manuel Lopez’ request to serve out his sentence in the Colusa County jail in order to avoid the possibility of deportation back to Mexico upon his release from prison.

His twin, Luis Lopez, was sentenced to 12 month in jail after pleading no contest to resisting a peace officer during the park incident. He had a blood alcohol level of .2 and reportedly told the female police officer “he knew people” who would harm her and her family if she arrested him.

Luis was also sentenced to 60 days for the probation violation, which will run concurrently to the 12 month sentence. ■

Susan Meeker
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