Felony charged reduced for accused carjacker


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The Colusa County District Attorney’s Office has reduced a felony charge against a Clearlake Oaks man accused of carjacking.

Kaleb Smith Jackson, 37, appeared in Colusa County Superior Court on Jan. 19, where he was scheduled for a preliminary hearing regarding the incident, which occurred around 3 PM on Jan. 26 at Fouch & Son Pharmacy, in Williams.

Instead of a preliminary hearing, Deputy District Attorney Brendan Farrell informed the judge that after reviewing the case, he felt the evidence did not support the carjacking charge.

Jackson reportedly stole a vehicle after demanding the keys from an elderly woman who was using the ATM machine.

Jackson fled south in the woman’s vehicle and was located in Yolo County after he abandoned the car on an off ramp and attempted to flee on foot, according to Williams Police Lt. Chris Miller.

Jackson will be arraigned March 25 on an amended felony charge of unlawful taking of a vehicle, which carries a maximum penalty of three years in jail, as opposed to carjacking, which carries a penalty of three to nine years in prison, according to California penal code.

“We believe the evidence supports this charge,” Farrell said.

Jackson’s Public Defender Albert Smith said he expects the case to be resolved by the March 25 court date, without going to trial.

Unlawful taking of a vehicle without the consent of the owner is what state law considers a “wobbler,” in that it can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor.

If convicted of a misdemeanor charge, Jackson could face up to one year in jail. ■