Wanted in Court (03/11/2020)


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As reported in the March 11, edition of the Pioneer Review.

Bench warrants were issued March 4 in the amount of $10,000 each for Robert Anthony Tayborne Jr. and Rebecca Lynn Pina after they both failed to appear in court to enter their pleas on drug possession charges and driving/being in possession of a stolen vehicle. 

Tayborne and Pina, both of Woodland, have lengthy criminal histories, court records in multiple counties indicate. 

The pair has previously served time for felony drug convictions in Yolo County, and both have been arrested for parole/PRCS violations. Pina was also previously arrested in Colusa County for child endangerment, in 2011, and corporal injury, in 2012, but charges were later dismissed. Tayborne was sentenced to state prison, in 2016, after being arrested in Yolo County and convicted of transporting drugs for sell with enhancements for prior felonies and possession of ammunition. He was released early on Aug. 30, 2018, following the state’s review of “nonviolent” inmates. 

Tayborne reportedly failed to show up in Colusa County Superior Court as ordered last week because he is currently in jail in Sacramento County. 

Pina called in prior to court and reported that she did not have transportation. 

Colusa County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson said the warrants for the couple’s arrest should alleviate their need for a ride back to Colusa. 

Their cases have been rescheduled. ■

Susan Meeker
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