On the Docket (03/11/2020)


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As reported in the March 11, edition of the Pioneer Review.

Colusa County may finally have the opportunity to prosecute a man whose alleged crime spree across four states with his female partner came to an end over a year ago.  

A preliminary hearing is scheduled today for Danny Wayne Light, 49, of Arizona. 

Light and Julia Denice Wheatley, 40, were dubbed “The Traveling Burglars” last year after law enforcement officials connected them to over 20 burglaries in Oregon, California, Arizona, and Texas, according to reports. 

Light was arrested by the California Highway Patrol following a high-speed pursuit that ended with a crash in Glenn County in Feb. 18, 2019. Wheatley remained on the run until her arrest in Belton, Texas, two weeks later on numerous theft and burglary charges.

Evidence taken from the vehicle connected the couple to numerous thefts and burglaries, including those in Colusa County, according to reports. 

Light and Wheatley are charged with seven local felony charges, including burglary of an inhabited dwelling, grand theft, driving a stolen vehicle, and conspiracy, after they allegedly entered an occupied home on Feb. 15, 2019, according to the Colusa County court records. 

They are also wanted on burglary and theft charges in numerous other jurisdictions throughout Northern California, Arizona, and Oregon.   

According to law enforcement officials, their original modus operandi was to use rental vehicles to engage in their criminal activity, which allowed them to move about without drawing too much attention to themselves. 

The vehicle would then be exchanged as the couple traveled. 

Light’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for 2:30 PM today. It is to be heard by an out-of-area visiting judge, as the victim in the Colusa County case works for the superior court. 

Wheatley, who remains behind bars in Texas, has yet to make an appearance in Colusa County Superior Court.