Man sentenced to prison for domestic violence


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A 25-year-old Colusa man was sentenced to nearly five years in state prison for domestic violence and other criminal acts after he violated the terms of his probation. 

Colusa County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Thompson, on March 4, revoked probation and sentenced Damien Luis Madrigal to three years in prison for corporal injury on the mother of his child, which had occurred on the evening of Sept. 9, 2019. 

Mardrigal was also sentenced to one year in prison for assault with means likely to cause injury and eight months for vandalism of a vehicle, which had occurred on April 17, 2019. The two sentences will run concurrently, Thompson said. 

According to court records, Williams police officers were dispatched to the scene of a domestic dispute shortly before midnight on Sept. 9, after Madrigal reportedly burned the chest of the mother of his child with a lit cigarette during an argument. Madrigal was accused of also hitting the woman’s chest with an open fist, pulling her hair, and throwing her to the ground several times, court records indicate.  

Madrigal was arrested around 2 AM on Sept. 10 after (then) Sgt. Chris Miller tracked him to an orchard and apprehended him after a foot chase. Madrigal eventually pleaded no contest in exchange for dismissal of other felony charges. 

Madrigal has a history drug and alcohol abuse, and is known to be associated with a criminal gang, court records indicate. 

At the time of his arrest for corporal injury, Madrigal was on four years of formal probation for assaulting another known felon and vandalizing his vehicle, to which he pleaded no contest in exchange for dismissal of charges related to the use of metal knuckles. 

Although Madrigal’s defense attorney asked once again for probation and another opportunity for his client to attend a rehabilitation facility, Deputy District Attorney Bradley Morrow said Madrigal squandered every opportunity  to treat his drug abuse, and that he continued to committed felonies while on probation. 

Susan Meeker
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