Convicted felon released on Cruz waiver


A convicted felon, representing himself in court, pleaded no contest to possession of a firearm on March 25 after negotiating a successful plea deal with prosecutors that could keep him out of prison when he is sentenced on May 12.

Colusa County Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Ufkes Olivera agreed to release Ryan Alan Dearman, 38, of Stonyford, from the Colusa County Jail pending his delayed sentencing (Cruz waiver), but with a warning that if he violates any law or condition of probation before then, “all promises are gone.”

Dearman, who has a lengthy criminal history, was serving 36 months of formal probation on previous felony charges, when he was arrested Jan. 21 for being in possession of an Ithaca model 37 shotgun, according to court documents.

Olivera said Dearman is facing up to three years in state prison on the gun possession charge and eight months for violating the terms of probation, but indicated she would be inclined to reinstate probation, as per the terms of the agreement, if he manages to stay out of trouble.

Olivera warned Dearman that if he violated any law while on probation, he would go to prison, a condition he agreed to in court.

Dearman was convicted by a jury on Nov. 08, 2019 for dissuading a witness and for domestic violence battery. He was also convicted by admission of violating probation, which he was on prior to the 2019 incident, court records indicate.

Dearman was convicted of disobeying a court order, in 2011, and obstructing a peace officer, in 2005, after pleading no contest to the charges in exchange for various dismissals of drug and/or alcohol-related charges, according to court documents.

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