Thursday, June 17, 2021



Need extra cash? Find your unclaimed property

With uncertain times, and strained budgets, finding extra coins under couch cushions can be a blessing. Most Californians are unaware that the state is holding over $9 billion dollars in unclaimed property according to the California State Controller’s Office.

Although due to COVID-19, Controller Betty Yee has postponed property holders’ report remittance to August 2020; Californians can search the Unclaimed Property Website to see if past collections are available.

According to the State Controller’s Office, over 350 Colusa County residents have unclaimed property available. The property type includes refunds due, inactive savings or bank balances, over payments, wages, cashier checks, safe deposit contents, stocks, and other tangible property. The amounts range from 1¢ to $2,953.

The unclaimed property list is not just limited to residents, several local businesses including Chung Sun market, Colusa Medical Center, Colusa Paint, and Roys Supermarket. Additionally, seasonal businesses could have unclaimed property in the form of rebates and refunds, Yee’s office said, while employees of such businesses could have a last paycheck waiting for them.

Under state law, if a business has lost contact with the owner of a piece of property, such as a paycheck, for a certain period of time, usually three years, that business must transfer that property to the state for safekeeping.

Anyone may submit a claim, for free, by visiting or by calling (800) 992-4647

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