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PG&E Upgrading Colusa Substation to Improve Reliability, Enhance Capacity

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will be upgrading the Colusa Substation to provide greater reliability and increased capacity.

Over the next two years, PG&E will be rebuilding its Colusa Substation, including replacing the two substation transformers as well as all associated major equipment. This work will also replace the perimeter fence on the north and east sides with a wall.

“Once completed in 2022, the upgraded substation will better serve future electric demand while providing more reliable power to the Colusa area,” said Jim Monninger, senior manager of PG&E’s Sacramento and Sierra divisions. “The new equipment includes state-of-the-art remote monitoring and operating capabilities and protective devices, which will mean fewer power outages and faster restoration times for customers.”

A previous transformer suffered damage in the early morning of December 2, 2019. Within hours PG&E restored power to all customers using an auxiliary transformer at the substation and a mobile transformer was brought in to provide added backup.

Other work has been going on at the substation for several months. This substation rebuild will occur over a two-year period, in multiple phases.

Earlier this year in the first phase of the substation rebuild, PG&E removed intact and damaged equipment. With equipment out of the way, PG&E completed a second phase of soil remediation from historical manufactured gas plant operations. The remediation work began in August and continues through October, with substation equipment upgrades starting in early November.

The property was once a manufactured gas plant from about 1886 to 1940, with the gas used for lighting, heating and cooking needs of the Colusa community until PG&E built natural gas transmission lines. PG&E retained the land for a substation and work yard. PG&E undertook a voluntary effort to remediate soils at former manufactured gas plants and in 2013 removed soil on part of the Colusa property in the first phase of remediation.

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