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Colusa City Reports: May 2020 (Fire/Police)

Colusa Police Dept., May 2020

There were 347 calls for service, up from 262 in April. There were an additional 37 calls for assisting other agencies, up from 21. There was a total of 52 case investigations, up from 37, and 10 arrests including domestic violence (3); DUI (4). One major case investigated was the daytime burglary that occurred at Dollar General, which resulted in a pursuit to Glenn County that ended when a spike strip was deployed. The suspects were arrested and booked into Colusa County Jail and released.

There were also four reports of hit and run, with property damage, and one reported stolen Colusa County vehicle from D Street county yard. The vehicle was recovered. There were 36 citations issued, including nine moving violations; four non-moving violations, and three parking; and 20 misdemeanor citations issued. There was one accident, no injuries. The Colusa Police Department continued to investigate the murder of Gioanni Alcaraz, and reports that suspect Christian Suarez is still outstanding. The U.S. Marshals Office, along with the Colusa County District Attorney’s Office are assisting in locating Suarez, noted Colusa Police Chief Josh Fitch.

Colusa Fire Dept., May 2020

There were 44 emergency dispatched calls and 90 public inquiries or contacts. Abatement inspections were performed throughout the city and notices sent out. Volunteers clocked 148 hours (Does not reflect training, special events, shift help or strike team). Two mutual aid responses were provided; three sight inspections, one department officer training/meetings; three department wide trainings, one pump and engine operator training; one first responder medical training; one volunteer recruit training. Three firefighters completed EMT training, and all three firefighters passed, noted Fire Chief Logan Conley.

The average response time from dispatch to arrival is 4:36 minutes for EMS, and 5:17 minutes for firefighters. The Average time on scene is 13:55 minutes, noted Conley.

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