Saturday, July 24, 2021


Recology lists over $33k in delinquent Williams accounts

The Williams City Council voted last Wednesday to accept a list of delinquent trash and refuse accounts for Williams residents.

Annually, Recology, the City of William’s trash and refuse contractor, provides a list of delinquent accounts to the City of Williams for certification and turned over to the Colusa County Auditor for collection through the property lien process.

Recology provided that between March 31, 2019 and June 1, 2020, 102 properties in the City of Williams were delinquent, totalling $33,689. Account delinquencies ranged from $92.88 to $1544.39. The estimated average annual Recology payment in the City of Williams is $371.52.

The submitted balance list includes both residential and commercial customers.

The City of Williams requires trash and refuse service for all City residents, and residents are billed and required to pay the balances if they use the service or not.

“There is mandatory service, the trucks have to collect everybody’s garbage,” said Kennedy.

The Colusa County Auditor will add the amounts due to the individual property tax rolls, thereby placing a lien on the property. â– 

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