Tuesday, April 20, 2021


CIP annexation into Colusa inches ahead

The annexation of Colusa Industrial Properties into the City of Colusa has been a longtime in the making, but the City Council is taking their last steps in making it happen.

The council will hold a public hearing on Nov. 4 to approve a resolution requesting the Colusa County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) initiate final proceedings that will shift about 684 acres from the unincorporated area, currently southeast of Colusa, into the city limits.

LAFCO is the agency with jurisdiction over such reorganizations within Colusa County, officials said.

The resolution would take effect immediately, upon adoption.

The proposed land to be annexed includes the industrial park, the airport, and lands earmarked for planned development, and single-family homes.

Once annexed, the City Council proposes a variety of light industrial/commercial operations to be permitted, including, but not limited to, agriculture processing, cannabis cultivation, nurseries and greenhouses, breweries, oil or gas extraction, agriculture/livestock auction and sales yards, manufacturing, animal hospitals, farm equipment sales, and recycling collection/processing.

Most of the project site was anticipated for annexation when the council adopted the city’s Sphere of Influence in 2012.

The City Council is expected to adopt a new Sphere of Influence, at the Nov. 4 meeting, to take in about 1,950 acres of unincorporated area of Colusa County, which the council believes would facilitate additional economic development objectives of the city.

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