Wednesday, April 21, 2021


County moves forward with second ambulance study

The Colusa County Board of Supervisors approved a contract last month with AP Triton to perform a feasibility study to determine the level of ambulance service that could possibly be provided to the community.

The study is the second of two that attempt to deal with an ambulance shortage in the rural area, officials said. 

AP Triton previously completed a valuation study on the current service, which concluded what Sierra-Sacramento EMS Agency said previously – that the volume and the kind of ambulance transport provided by Enloe Medical Center are too low to support the cost of providing ambulance services.

According to AP Triton, the single Enloe ambulance makes about 1,014 transports per year, of which 78 percent are Medicare and Medi-Cal patients.

The majority, 51.6 percent, have Medicare, which pays $589 on each $1,600 ambulance transport, with a small share of cost passed to the patient. Medi-Cal’s reimbursement is only $174 per $1,600 transport, with no share of the cost required by the patient. Because of this population group, and the coverage they receive, an increase to the rates would not generate an increase in the revenue, the report stated.

Colusa County Administrative Officer Wendy Tyler said the second study that AP Triton will do includes bringing together EMS stakeholders to discuss what they believe would be the best level of services to be provided in the county.

“Once a model is determined, AP Triton will assess the costs of that model, and then identify options for addressing any shortfall,” Tyler said. 

The cost of the study is $62,000, which the board allocated for in their 2020-2021 professional services budget. 

The Board of Supervisors approved a $30,000 advance on the contract, effective Dec. 1. 

The county will pay AP Triton $16,000 upon delivery of the draft report, and the balance of $16,000 upon delivery of the final report. 

The contract cannot exceed $63,500. 

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