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City Council welcomes new members, keeps leadership intact 

The 2021 Colusa City Council reorganized on Dec. 15. On the dais, from the left, are Council members Greg Ponciano, Vice-mayor Tom Reische, Mayor Josh Hill, Daniel Vaca, and Denise Conrado.

Two new members of the Colusa City Council were seated on Dec. 15.

Daniel Vaca and Denise Conrado, who were elected on Nov. 3, were sworn in by Colusa City Clerk Shelly Kittle, along with former Mayor Greg Ponciano, who was reelected to his third term on the city’s governing body. 

The three were the top vote getters in a six-person race. 

During the council’s last meeting of the calendar year, Mayor Josh Hill was selected to remain in the center chair by a vote of 5-0. 

Tom Reische nominated Hill to remain as mayor in 2021. 

Since the emergence of the coronavirus in March, Hill has conducted the business of the city and many workshops online, and Reische thought those efforts, in addition to Hill doing a good job, qualified him to remain at the helm. 

“I know it is customary to turn it over, but (he) seems to be the most tech savvy in these times of being on Zoom,” Reische said. 

Reische was also selected with a 5-0 vote to remain as the City’s vice mayor, nominated by Vaca. 

“I think you guys are doing a very good job,” said Vaca, referring to both Hill and Reische. 

Hill said it was an honor serving the last year as mayor, and hoped to continue doing the job he has done the past 12 months. 

Vaca and Conrado said they were also looking forward to their terms of service. 

“I’m honored to be representing the citizens of Colusa, and I take this very seriously,” Conrado said. 

Vaca said he was looking forward to working with all the council members, and being a part of the team. 

“Unity is a big thing for me and I hope we can all work together and be transparent with the city,” Vaca said. 

Vaca also encouraged residents to get involved and pitch in to move Colusa forward. 

City officials did say goodbye to Councilmen Dave Markss, who served four years on the council, but was not present for the last meeting of the year, and Brent Nobles, who served two years on the council. 

Ponciano thanked both for their years of service but said he welcomed the new members and looked forward to seeing what emerges. 

“Every change in council brings a little bit different view on things,” Ponciano said. 

The City Council also witnessed the swearing in of the city’s new treasurer, Devin Kelly, who was also elected on Dec. 3.

Editors note: This article has been modified from the printed version to correct the misspelling of Council-member Reische. 

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