Police & Fire News City of Colusa, January 2020


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The City of Colusa Fire Department answered 46 emergency dispatch calls in January and responded to 60 public inquiries or contacts, including EMS calls that totaled 226 hours in volunteer emergency response hours.

Colusa Fire Department responded to three mutual aid responses in Sac River Jurisdiction, including a vehicle accident on Highway 45, south of the casino, on Jan. 18, and Hwy. 20, at the Colusa County Airport, on Jan. 24. Off duty emergency call responses (10); misc. smoke alarm, unintentional activation, malfunction, etc. (2) as mutual aid; Special Events (13); sight inspections; (4); plan reviews (2); trainings (8).

The CPD’s Basic Ambulance SUV/Command vehicle as been used for patient transport six times since it went into service on Nov. 25, 2019, each time a result of the unavailability of the Enloe ALS ambulance, according to Fire Chief Logan Conley.


The City of Colusa Police Department responded to 257 calls for service, and 23 additional calls assisting other agencies. Documented Case Investigations (59). There were 37 arrests, which included DUI (4); Domestic Violence (1); Misc. arrests, including outstanding warrants, drugs, violation of court order, etc. (32).

Traffic Citations (20), of which the majority were speed, stop sign, and seatbelt violations; Parking citations (2); Vehicle accidents (2).

A major case investigation for January was a domestic violence incident, in which the perpetrator committed a strong-armed robbery of his victim. The man fled but was found and arrested by the CPD a few days later.

Another major case investigation that absorbed a lot of staff time was the discovery of missing city property and evidence from a murder case, which led to the arrest of a former CPD employee on suspicion of grand theft. While that investigation continues, the CPD has undergone an audit of their evidence inventory, and procedural changes/safeguards have been implemented, according to Colusa Chief of Police Josh Fitch.