Planning Commission approves online cannabis retailer

Colusa Planning Commissioner Richard Selevor, back, on March 25, conducts a public hearing on the proposed Bud Brothers, Inc. cannabis retail shop with only City Planner Bryan Stice in attendance. All other commissioners phone in to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Just like pizza, Colusa County residents may soon be able to have their CPD and weed from Bud Brothers, Inc. delivered to their doors with less wait time.

The Colusa Planning Commission last week approved a developer agreement with Yuba City-based proprietor, William Zapata, to open a non-storefront cannabis retail shop at 411 Main St., the former home of Safe Haven Drop-in Center.

Planning commissioners, with Vice Chairman Richard Selover holding the gavel in a teleconference meeting on March 25, voted 4-0 to pass their recommendation to the Colusa City Council for approval.

The council will have the final say on the developer agreement, along with issuing the special use and regulatory permits.

The March 25 Planning Commission meeting was held via Facebook with Commissioners Dick Armocido, Ken Flaggor, and Ryan Codorniz on the phone from a remote location to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Zapata, of Yuba City, has been in the cannabis business for four years, starting with products that were then only available with a doctor’s recommendation.

“I really liked the whole holistic approach to the use of cannabis as medicine,” Zapata said, after the meeting.

The passage of Proposition 218, in 2016, however, has allowed Zapata to extend the type and kind of products to include marijuana that is used recreationally. The expanded product line has also made it possible for him to bring his online retail store to Colusa.

The store will not grow and process marijuana like the city’s other cannabis manufactures, but will sell a variety of pre-packaged products, made locally and elsewhere, online, which will then be delivered directly to the customer.

Zapata said he hopes to use local labor in addition to selling locally manufactured products.

The online retailer will not allow walk-in customers, and will have high security, be largely unassuming with no outdoor signage, and will deliver products from the store in an unmarked vehicle, Zapata said.

The developer agreement is the same the Colusa Planning Commission has made with other cannabis companies, Bud Brothers promises 3 percent of the store’s total cash receipts to the city, and will provide the city with a detailed quarterly financial report.   

Since the City Council first embraced the cannabis industry in 2017, the city has collected about $310,000 in such agreements, officials said.

The cannabis fund is controlled by the City Council, with an ad-hoc committee appointed to make recommendations for its usage.

City officials, at a recent economic development meeting, said they might pitch an idea of using some – or all of the money – to help move forward the Pirelli project to bring light industry to Colusa.

Although the City Council has final approval, Zapata said he is grateful to the Planning Commission for their recommendation.

Once approved by the city, Bud Brothers will offer CBD (less than 3 percent THC) and marijuana in a variety of forms, including tinctures, oils, and edibles, as well as products for vaping and smoking.

The term of the development agreement is for 10 years.

Susan Meeker
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