Letter to the Editor (01/29/2020)


Dear Editor:

The State of Jefferson movement has been notified of another hearing set in the 9th District Federal Court. After almost three years since the original complaint (May 2017) and after repeated postponed court dates and eventually a dismissal in the fall of 2018, a resubmitted complaint has been placed on the schedule for Friday, March 6, in San Francisco. 

The Citizens for Fair Representation (CFR), the legal arm of the SOJ movement, filed to reinstate the suit against the State of California and the California Secretary of State for lack of representation and dilution of vote. The original suit was believed to have been unlawfully dismissed since it not only went against a U.S. Supreme Court decision from 2015 (McManus v Shapiro) and 28 USC 2284, but history as well. A three-judge court, not an individual judge, is mandated in all apportionment cases and this statute was not followed. 

This case has far reaching ramifications and virtually every state in the U.S. could be, in our view, positively effected. Today, in nearly every state in the U.S, the large cities have overwhelming control, leaving rural America with little representation. A decision either way by a three-judge court would be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court where due to the importance of the subject would be automatically reviewed. From that point, unconstitutional court decisions from over 50 years ago would have a chance to be corrected.        


Lew Manor

Colusa County SOJ Committee

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