Sunday, February 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor (05/20/2020)

Sad to say that we have been overtly victimized over this Wuhan scandal and when not being conned we’re being bullied, especially when logical questions and alternative answers were presented. If we would have applied our U.S. Constitution to this issue and allowed free speech to prevail, we would have heard many other doctors and medical specialists explain to us that most everything about this virus response and shutdown was bogus and unnecessary.

From schools closing, to house arrest (wrongly named quarantine), the abolishing of assembly (houses of worship, restaurants, beaches), and the closing of selected non-essential businesses only prolonged the situation. In fact, all things considered, the massive arbitrary decisions and enforcement of the color of law made it much worse than if we would have been free to go about living, which is what history and common sense medical professionals prescribed. He who sacrifices freedom for security or safety gains neither – Jefferson and Franklin.

The press, social media, and political schemers held their favored “experts” up as almost godlike while censoring others. These experts so called, their inaccurate models, and the emotionalism of their game was B.S. and they weren’t saints at all. Overthrowing liberty starts by subduing free speech – B. Franklin.

Most everyone at one time or another has pledged to support and defend the Constitution of the U.S., not to the CDC, or a doctor, and certainly not to Gov. Newsom and the unelected thugs that do his dirty work. Most of those in political office don’t care or forget what they signed up for. They are to be our representatives, not rulers, first and foremost to protect our freedoms, and each position in the country from federal to state to county have this responsibility. Since politicians usually cave, it is up to us. We are to hold them to it. “The people are the keepers of the Constitution.” – G. Washington.

Lew Manor

State of Jefferson

Colusa County

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