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Letters to the editor (06/17/2020)

To the editor:

I would like to complement Rimrock Mfg. of Colusa for stepping up and giving the flag deposit box to Colusa VFW Post No. 2441. Once again it is “people helping people.” This is a well needed service for all of us citizens.

Jannis Fetters, Arbuckle

To the editor:

The Pioneer Review provides an invaluable community service with its quality local journalism that reflects a diversity of interests and viewpoints. I understand that your Opinion page is just that – opinions. But Loraine Joy’s June 10 column (“Hijacked Emoticons”) took a hard turn from opinion to conspiracy theories and outright falsehoods. I realize your small, overworked staff cannot do Ms. Joy’s work for her. But perhaps you can ask her to consult reputable fact-checking sites like PolitiFact, Snopes and before submitting her columns.

And if Ms. Joy is genuine about wanting honest dialogue, perhaps she will reach out to the dozens of local residents who have attended Women’s Marches to find out what they’re really about and lay to rest her fantasies that we’re being paid by George Soros.

Jennifer Roberts, Arbuckle

To the editor:

A response to Loraine Joy’s June 10th column, Hijacked emoticons

I am disappointed Ms. Joy published a column containing an abundance of easily-fact-checked, false information. Ms. Joy lumps together and attempts to discredit a variety of social justice movements and supporters primarily using conspiracy theory sources for her rather disjointed column.

Soros did not make his money destroying economies. Prosecutor and District Attorneys who received Soros support do not want to free criminals from prison. Soros did not pay to bus in protestors to start riots at the Women’s March and Ferguson. The rioters in Minneapolis were not paid by Soros, and at present are reported to largely be tied to white nationalist groups.

Truly disgraceful is Joy’s quote-mining from Colorlines journalist Akima Solomon’s account of her journey to Ferguson with Black Lives Matter, implying that she and other protestors were paid actors at that event. I encourage Ms. Joy to actually read Ms. Solomon’s piece, a moving description of the various personal journeys of the protestors.

I agree with Ms. Joy that “honest dialogue” is needed. Through honest dialogue and a willingness to make systemic changes, we may finally be able to rid our great country of the cancer that is racism. Honest dialogue begins with a willingness to listen to and empathize with others. It develops with truth telling and a recognition that people who are positioned differently in the U.S. have very different experiences. It leads to positive change through thoughtful reflection – for everyone, but especially white-bodied people – on our roles in and relationships to the systems of inequity that are caused by and perpetuate the insidious cancer. Then, and only then, will we be a country that truly offers liberty and justice for all. May America live up to its ideals! I believe we will.

Pamela DaGrossa, Chair
Colusa County Democratic Central Committee (CCDCC)

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