Sunday, February 28, 2021

Letter to the Editor: County COVID-19

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this on July 5. The most recent Covid-19 data our County has made available is from July 2. By the time this letter is published, the numbers will have changed. But over the past week, we shot up to having more cases per capita than 31 other California counties. As of July 2, our County had recorded 63 cases over the previous 14 days. That put us in a tie with Glenn County as the worst rate in the North State.

How did we get here? On May 28, the Board issued a press release titled ‚ÄúColusa County Board of Supervisors Votes to Protect Civil Rights: Citizens Free to Resume Normal Functions, Encouraged to Exercise Kindness.‚ÄĚ Then for the whole month of June the County failed to do any public communication about the pandemic. Many in our community took the May 28 announcement and subsequent silence to mean there was little to worry about.

Faced with the spike in cases, how did the Supervisors respond? They chose not to add a Covid-19 discussion to their June 30 meeting agenda, even though that was their last scheduled meeting before their month-long summer recess. Members of the public phoned in to the meeting and urged them to take action. Their response? A few asked some mild questions of staff. Others sat in silence. That evening the Chair issued a press release urging people to take precautions over the holiday weekend, and the County finally started sharing Covid-19 health advice via social media.

These are good steps but they’re much too little, much too late. The Board of Supervisors is our County’s governing body in charge of public health, and their failure to lead is inexcusable. Now is the time to have a plan. Show us your plan to help control the pandemic and keep our economy working.

Jennifer Roberts

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