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Colusa’s Young Entrepreneur

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Sofia Cervantes and her sister serve up shaved ice in a watermelon bowl at The Cervantes Kidz.

A positive outlook in today’s times, is just what Colusa County needs.

At just the young age of six, Sofia Cervantes, along with her siblings, started their own business, The Cervantes Kidz.

In May, Cervantes started selling produce hand picked from her grandpa’s garden: peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe, peppers and zucchini. While selling cherries and apricots, Cervantes used the proceeds from the sales to purchase an old horse trailer; and with the help of her father, Rogelio Cervantes, they turned the trailer into a mobile fruit stand.

“I wanted to sell my grandpa’s fruit and vegetables,” said Cervantes. “I thought of the idea of also selling shaved ice. I want to own my own bakery.”

Cervantes’ dreams of becoming a baker and wants to save all her earnings to one day open her own business in Colusa County.

“I plan on graduating high school and then Culinary School,” stated Cervantes. “Owning my own bakery will be my job.”

The addition of shaved ice is the perfect item for the summer heat. Cervantes has 38 flavors to choose from with three sizes, ranging from $2-$5. To add to her business she also offers a frequent customer reward with a punch card.

“In the fall I will start selling grapes in addition to my tomatoes, zucchinis and fresh eggs.” said Cervantes. “I couldn’t have done this without the help and support from my brother, sister, mom, dad and grandparents.”

Cervantes’ stand is located on the corner of Wescott Road and Larson Lane, with operating hours from late morning to late afternoon. ■

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