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Proposed Colusa biomass facility gets first commitment

For the last 7 months, the City of Colusa has been working on a unique biomass/biomaterials project with the goal of creating new manufacturing and agricultural innovation-based jobs. The forthcoming annexation of Colusa Industrial Properties and the future rehabilitation of the Pirelli building offer new locations in Colusa for companies in this growing industry to land, city officials said Monday in a press release.

To fulfill this work, the city contracted with Golden Oak Business Services, a small rural economic development firm, in January, with clearly defined timelines and deliverables for the project. Progress was reviewed multiple times in public meetings.

“I’ve been watching this project closely to make sure that we stay on track,” said  Councilmember Brent Nobles, in a press release. “I’m very excited about this project and for Colusa getting more jobs. I believe in the future of Colusa.”

Colusa officials announced Monday that biomass/biomaterials company Hexas Biomass has committed to Colusa and has begun working with local workforce development agencies for its future jobs creation needs.

Hexas Biomass is a biomaterials company that produces and processes dedicated biomass and agricultural residue into production-ready biomaterials that can replace wood and fossil fuel-based materials in multiple applications, officials said.

“We are very excited about this project,” said Hexas Biomass CEO Wendy Owens, in the press release. “Colusa is at the nexus of a transportation hub embedded in a powerful agricultural production zone with a skilled agricultural workforce – it offers us everything we’re looking for.”

To get things moving here in Colusa, Owens recently participated in a Workforce Development Focus Group hosted by the city. The Focus Group included participants from Woodland Community College, the County of Colusa, Colusa One Stop, and the Colusa County Office of Education Adult Education programs. The meeting focused on identifying the type of workforce Hexas Biomass foresees needing and the support Focus Group members could provide to identify and train that workforce.

“I look forward to working closely with the City of Colusa and members from the Focus Group to access the local workforce here in Colusa,” Owens added.

For more information about the future biomass/biomaterials project in Colusa, please contact City Manager Jesse Cain at citmanager@cityofcolusa.com. For more information about Hexas Biomass, please visit their website at: www.hexas.com.

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