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Fine dining on the range

The new location of The Restaurant on the Range means a new start for owner Maria Ramirez who reopened on 5th Street in Colusa on July 21.

A new dining option has opened in the middle of a pandemic where many small businesses are closing their doors. The Restaurant on the Range reopened at its new location on July 21 to a warm reception of locals happy for another dining experience.

The restaurant was previously located on Sioc Street in the Shop ’N’ Save. During a temporary closure due to the pandemic, owner Maria Lupe Ramirez discovered an opportunity on 5th Street in Colusa.

The Restaurant on the Range recently moved to a new location on 5th Street in Colusa. Owner Maria Ramirez’ dream to have a restaurant is being realized even in the middle of a pandemic.

“It was a bigger kitchen and more equipment,” Ramirez said, adding that when she learned about the new location from a friend and owner, she was excited for the move to a larger kitchen. “I think it’s a really nice place.”

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 presents for food establishments, Ramirez is managing to keep the restaurant going while following state protocols.

“I’m still here and my doors are open to the public,” Ramirez said.

The Restaurant on the Range is open every day of the week: Monday through Thursday, 10 AM to 7 PM; Friday and Saturday, from 10 AM to 8 PM; and Sundays, 7 AM to 3 PM.

“I want to see what the community wants but for now I’m here, open all day,” said Ramirez.

Inside the establishment, a western theme with cow horns, a wagon wheel and horseshoes over dining booths wait for the time when The Restaurant on the Range can open as a traditional dining establishment. In the meantime, diners have a choice of dining alfresco or for takeout. Ramirez said she is also looking into the possibility of offering delivery via Uber service.

“Everything is good” said Joan Shatell and recommends the tacos, guacamole, and “Moon Rise Soup”, made of vegetables and pasta, Ramirez’ own creation that has become a signature of hers. The menu has American and Mexican food including daily specials. Currently the favorites are the Bronco Sandwich, over 149 sold since opening in the new location, second only to the fajita salad, plating over 200 servings. Ramirez said she plans on upping the anti by serving steak and potatoes for dinner.

“The food is good, we’ll be back,” said Richard Garcia who took Cass Garcia there for a lunch date. The Garcias raved about the cheeseburger and chicken strips.

“This was my dream to have my own restaurant,” said Ramirez who has over 25 years in the kitchen under her apron strings. Starting out in a tiny kitchen, she garnered three employee of the month recognitions at the Colusa Casino where she worked for seven years. She also is well known for her culinary contribution to many fundraisers. Fans of her cooking come from as far as Redding. “My community knows me and my customer service counts for a lot,” she said.

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